Upgrade to WaterSense Fixtures

Upgrade to WaterSense fixtures to conserve water and save on your water costs. WaterSense labels can be found on plumbing fixtures for your home, such as faucets, toilets and shower heads.

What is WaterSense?

These products are given the WaterSense label when they have proven to use at least 20% less water without sacrificing performance, translating to 20% savings in your monthly water bill.

How much will I save?

If the average household uses 45 liters of water a month, this equates roughly to Php320 worth of savings for the average Filipino household per month, or Php3,840 pesos a year. Taking a toilet as an example, a cost of Php10,000 would be recouped in just three (3) years of the toilets 30+ years of usefulness.