Therma Visayas, Inc. (TVI) Toledo Coal-Fired Power Plant Project

The project is a base load Coal-Fired Power Plant with a net capacity of 300MW using the Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) technology. All project facilities will be located in an approximate 40-hectare property in Barangay Bato, Toledo City.

There is a continuous increase in demand for electricity at the national level while at the regional level, the Department of Energy (DOE) projects 2016 to 2018 as a critical period for the Visayas Grid. The project is expected to be on line by 2016 and will therefore be a major source of power during the projected critical period for the Visayas Grid.

Apercu prepared the Environmental Impact Statement report which included the following studies:

  1.  Land Module – Geology, Pedology and Terrestrial Ecology (Flora and Fauna)
  2. Water Module – Hydrology, Water Quality, Thermal Plume Modeling, Freshwater and Marine Ecology, Fisheries and Marine Wildlife
  3. Air Module – Ambient Air Quality, Ambient Noise and Air Dispersion Modeling
  4. People Module – Perception Survey, Traffic Study and Health Impact Assessment
  5. Environmental Risk Assessment

The ECC was issued on May 2013 by DENR-EMB Central Office.