Marine Assessment of Intake Velocity Cap, Beach and Jetty Area for Kepco Ilijan Corp. (2010)

Apercu was commissioned to conduct a habitat assessment within the vicinity of the 1,200MW KEILCO Combined-Cycle Power Plant in Brgy. Ilijan, Batangas City. The study examined the status of the benthic communities and their associated fish assemblage in the intake structure, supporting columns of the jetty, and the Giant Clam reserve area. A rapid survey of the beach in the vicinity of the plant was also conducted. The report included recommendations on how to improve the beach area to make it more suitable for the nesting activities of hawksbill turtles that have been observed in the area over the past years. Additionally the underwater video documentation of the habitat assessment was developed into a 15 minute Video IEC material showcasing the marine biota in the vicinity of the power plant. Photos of the various species of corals, fish and other benthic organisms observed during the survey were also compiled into a coffee table book, for use also as an IEC material.