EPRMP for Petron Bataan Refinery’s Petro-Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit Project (2006)

In 2006, Petron Corporation implemented the PetroFCC Project to enable production of at least 140,000 MT per year of polymer grade propylene product by converting an existing Thermofor Catalytic Cracking Unit (TCCU) into a high propylene yield producing Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU). The project is located inside the existing refinery compound in Barangay Alangan, Limay, Bataan. Since the PetroFCC is an expansion within an already existing operation, Apercu prepared an Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan (EPRMP). The EPRMP included the documentation of the actual environmental performance of PBR based on current and past environmental management measures being implemented. The detailed comparative description of the proposed process modifications, corresponding material balances and the pollution control devices were also discussed in the report. Since the activities in oil refinery operations include handling substances classified as combustible and/or flammable, an Environmental Risk Assessment was also undertaken to assess the likelihood or probability of a hazardous accident. The PetroFCC Project ECC was secured in November 2006.

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EPRMP for Petron Bataan Refinery’s Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Project (2007)

A year after the PetroFCC Project, the Refinery Division of Petron Corporation invested in a benzene, toluene and xylene (BTX) Project. The BTX Project involves both the revamp of existing process units as well as the addition of a new unit. The EPRMP scope essentially covered updating the data provided for the PetroFCC EPRMP. Since the ECC issued for the PetroFCC required the conduct of a full Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) of the existing refinery, as well as future projects, Petron commissioned a foreign entity to undertake the QRA. Preliminary results from the QRA were included in the EPRMP report prepared by Apercu. The ECC was acquired in July 2007.

For a backgrounder on EPRMPs and the EIA process, please visit our Services page.

IEE for the Petron Bataan Refinery Propylene Pipeline Project (2010)

Apercu prepared the Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) of the Petron Bataan Refinery Propylene Pipeline Project. The project involves the installation of a 5.5 kilometer pipeline from Petron Bataan Refinery to Philippine Polypropylene Inc.’s (PPI) property located in the PNOC-Alternative Fuels Corporation (PNOC-AFC) Complex. This is located in Limay and Mariveles, Bataan. The 2 major activities of the study were plotting the structures and households along the pipeline route that traversed Roman Highway and the conduct of public consultation. Additionally, water quality was characterized for the two freshwater bodies that was to be traversed by the pipeline. The pipeline ECC was acquired in September 2010.