Integrated Environmental Risk Assessment for the Sta. Rita and San Lorenzo Natural Gas Power Plants (2007)

Apercu undertook an Integrated Environmental Risk Assessment for the 1000 MW Santa Rita Power Plant and the 500 MW San Lorenzo Power Plant owned by both First Gas Power and FGP Corp. Both power plants are located in a contiguous property in Batangas. The study followed the general framework for risk assessment. In addition, the following scope and coverage established by First Gas were also covered:

  • Risk screening activity including all bulk and non-bulk substances used, handled or stored at the power plants
  • Consequence analysis based on actual plant conditions, actual hazardous substance properties and meteorological data
  • Application of valid consequence scenarios and endpoints
  • Use of appropriate model for consequence analysis, and
  • Generation of consequence hazard zone maps

Contour maps were developed to show the potential impact areas for:

  • Thermal Radiation forecasts
  • Flammable Threats
  • Overpressure Threats
  • Explosion Overpressure Injuries
  • Toxic Cloud Threats
  • Toxic Vapor Cloud Fatalities
  • Oil Spill Forecast Trajectory

Reports were generated both for internal and regulatory purposes. For a backgrounder on ERAs, you may visit our Services page.