Environmental Performance Report & Management Plan (EPRMP)

This report form is normally used for existing facilities that intend to undergo expansion.  An EPRMP is a report that reviews how an existing facility has performed with regards to the implementation of its management plan for critical environmental parameters specific to its operations.  Emissions, effluents and waste management records covering a period of three to five years are reviewed.  Any breaches of the waste quality on the applicable standards and the manner in which these were remedied are assessed. The impacts of the intended expansion on the existing management plan and the adequacy of the latter to address any additional impacts are then evaluated. Important programs that need to be included in the document are an Environmental Monitoring Plan ( EMoP), Information Education and Communication  (IEC) Programs, Social Development Program (SDP) or Community Assistance Program (CAP) and an Environmental Risk Management and Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

The ERPMP undergoes a review process similar to the EIA and the end result of a favorable assessment by the DENR Review Committee is the issuance of an Environmental Compliance Certificate for the expansion project.

For a list of EPRMP Projects completed by Apercu, you can visit our Projects page. You can also visit the DENR page regarding the EIS system at here.