Enviromental Due Diligence

A due diligence study is an investigative process done with a certain standard of care through which a potential acquirer evaluates a target asset. Those conducted by Apercu involved power plants that were being put up for sale by the national government. The scope of works for a due diligence would include, among others,

  • Review the status of applicable permitting and licensing requirements for the operation of the facility
  • Assess environmental compliance records and any material breaches and the manner in which these have been remedied;
  • Assess the emissions, effluents, wastes and other environmental obligations of the facility and its ability to comply with these, (based on historical performance, license requirements and environmental assessments).
  • Observe and note general contamination within the site and all environs in immediate vicinity of the facility;
  • Review all relevant environmental documents;
  • Identify any deficiencies and limitations noted during the review;
  • Recommend plan of action for environmental compliance and provide a projected schedule for completion

For a list of due diligence projects completed by Apercu, you can visit our Projects page.