Apercu Consultants, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm, established in 2003. We are an award-winning, Filipino firm providing a wide range of international quality environmental services to the following industry sectors in the Philippines:

Apercu a DENR EMB listed Environmental Impact Assessment Preparer. Our team is composed of highly experienced professional scientists and engineers with both specialist and broad skills honed from experiences spanning almost two (2) decades in these other industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Real Estate
  • Ports
  • Aviation
  • Industrial Parks
  • Agri-Chemical
  • Roads and Highways
  • Cement

As a boutique consultancy firm, we provide the flexibility and the responsiveness that clients require without compromising quality and efficiency of service. Each project is approached uniquely, assessing the needs based on our years of experience and then selecting best-fit experts for the study teams. We relate well with clients and bring not only analytical, technical and project management expertise but we provide discerning perception that gels into a holistic approach to our services.

Apercu provides services from an office in Quezon City and we are equipped with a complete array of monitoring instruments for ambient air quality, water quality and biota surveys. Apercu is committed to providing quality environmental services on time, safely and cost-efficiently.

For a list of projects we have completed, you may go to the Projects page. Or you can look at our service offerings at our Services page. You can contact us at (632) 8929-2778 or