IEE for 12 MW Rice hull/Coal power plant for Bataan 2020 (2007)

Apercu prepared an Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) Report for Bataan 2020 Inc. in 2006. The Bataan 2020 project is a 12.5 MW Rice Hull Power Cogeneration Project in its paper mill plant compound in Samal, Bataan. A detailed assessment of the probable impacts of the project was undertaken. Foremost of this was the conduct of air quality modeling to assess the impacts to ambient air. Air quality and deep well water quality assessment were also conducted, as well as flora and fauna surveys. A public consultation was also conducted and was attended by DENR representatives, the Proponent, the preparers and stakeholders. Other key issues related to the power plant development were considered with significant impacts being identified for each phase of the project. Appropriate mitigation measures for the identified impacts were then formulated. ECC was acquired in 2007

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