EIA for Grand Planters International Inc.’s Coal Handling Facility (2010)

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was conducted for the Grand Planters International Inc. (GPII) Coal Stockyard Project located within the GPII compound in Brgy. Lamao, Limay, Bataan.  The coal terminal, once operational, will serve as a distribution point for coal users, especially for the cement and power industry in Northern and Central Luzon. The main components of the project are:

  • Ship and Barge Unloading and Supporting Structures
  • Belt Conveying System and Dust Containment System
  • Coal Storage

As part of the EIA conduct, Apercu gathered secondary data for the land use, pedology, geology and environmental site assessment of the project area. Additionally, groundwater quality sampling, marine water quality sampling, marine biota survey, birds and terrestrial animal survey, and air quality and noise monitoring were conducted. The ECC was acquired in August 2010.

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