EPRMP for Petron Bataan Refinery’s Upgrade Projects (2010)

An Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan was prepared for the Petron Bataan Refinery Upgrade Project. The Upgrade Project will convert PBR into a full-conversion refinery, the only one in the Philippines.

The upgrade involved 3 components:

  • a. Refinery Master Plan II involving the installation of new equipment for several process units ( e.g., mercaptan oxidatin unit, vacuum distillation,coker, hydrotreater, sulfur recovery unit and the waste water treatment plant)
  • b. Additional Tank Farm; and
  • c. 140 MW Refinery Solid Fuel Fired Power Plant.

The project is located in the existing Petron Bataan Refinery in Brgy. Alangan, Limay, Bataan. The major hurdles for this project involved the clear and concise comparisons of the base case against the various upgrades, and the impact of these on waste streams and environmental management measures of the refinery. The refinery’s historical performance going back 5 years were evaluated as to their compliance to the relevant environmental standards. Environmental Risk Assessments were conducted for the additional tanks of benzene, gasoline and propylene as well as for the proposed power plant. The proposed power plant intends to use coal as its initial fuel and eventually shift to petcoke that is a byproduct of the coker unit that is being upgraded. Due to the number of ECCs that the refinery has had for its various expansion projects, these were integrated into a single ECC that was released in April 2010.

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