Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) Coal-Fired Power Plant Project

The proposed Coal-fired Power Plant Project, with a land area of up to 130 hectares, will be located in Brgy. Villa Ibaba, Atimonan, Quezon. The power plant will have two (2) six hundred (600) MW supercritical-pressure pulverized coal boiler units that will use coal as the main fuel. Pollution control devices such as the ESP, SWFGD, and Low NOburners will be installed.

Apercu prepared the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) report and conducted the following environmental/social baseline surveys and impact assessment:

  1. Land Module – Geology, Pedology, and Terrestrial Ecology (Flora and Fauna)
  2. Water Module – Hydrology, Water Quality, Freshwater and Marine Ecology, Fisheries and Marine Wildlife
  3. Air Module – Ambient Air Quality, Ambient Noise and Air Dispersion Modeling
  4. People Module – Perception Survey, Traffic Study and Health Impact Assessment
  5. Environmental Risk Assessment

Public participation activities such as IEC campaigns, Focus Group Discussions, Public Scoping and Public Consultation of the proposed project were facilitated by Apercu in accordance with the EIA process of the DENR-Revised Procedural Manual.

The ECC of the proposed project was issued on October 2015 by DENR-EMB Central Office.