Air Dispersion Modeling and Thermal Plume Modeling for Treasure Steel Corporation

Treasure Steel Corporation (TSC) operates the largest steel billet plant in the country at a current annual production of 300,000 MT. The plant is located in the compound of the former National Steel Corporation in Sitio Nonucan, Barangay Ma. Cristina, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. TSC proposes to build and operate a 1000-MTPD blast furnace facility to produce pig iron using local iron ore for its billet plant. Apercu conducted an air dispersion modeling, which is a mathematical simulation of the transport, dispersion, and transformation of pollutants in the atmosphere. The air modeling conducted focused on the stack serving the blast furnace facility for SO2, NOx, CO, TSP, and PM10 emissions. To quantitatively describe the dispersion of the thermal effluents from the plant and the levels of water temperature, a thermal plume modeling was also conducted.